In the News

In the News
The following is a list of news stories relevant to phenology in the Northeast region.

Weather History Offers Insight Into Global Warming 9/16/2008 New York Times
A story about the long-term weather and phenology observations at the Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, NY, and their use in climate change research.

Climate: Color Theory Oct 2008 National Geograhic
A brief note on the role of climate change in fall leaf color intensity. (awaiting permission to post)

The Pulse of Our Plant - Phenology and Climate Change Fall 2008 The Wildlife Professional
Written by Jake Weltzin, Executive Director of the USA-NPN, this is a nice overview of phenology, climate change, and the role of the USA-NPN.

Ecofocus: Is Spring Coming Sooner? 5/25/2008 Poughkeepsie Journal
Highlights the phenology webcam network started in the Northeast, of which the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies is a member.