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Red maple flower

Who are we? The Northeast Regional Phenology Network (NE-RPN) is a cooperative network designed to coordinate phenological monitoring, facilitate data sharing and synthesize phenology data from the northeastern US and eastern Canada. We encourage the partcipation of researchers and citizen scientists alike. NE-RPN is an affiliate of the USA National Phenology Network (USA-NPN).

How can I participate? The NE-RPN follows the USA-NPN phenology monitoring protocols which are presented in their online monitoring program, Nature's Notebook. Click on the links below for specific information. Species list and phenophases Instructions for how to sign up and observe

Materials and Links Proposal submitted to NSRC for initial network funding Meeting review for the NE-RPN inaugural workshop McNeil BE, Denny E, Richardson AD. 2008. Coordinating a Northeast Regional Phenology Network. Bulletin of the Ecological Society of America 89(2):188–190. PhenoCam (canopy phenology webcam network)

Partners Adirondack Ecological Center Appalachian Mountain Club, Mountain Watch Appalachian Trail MEGA-Transect Clean Air - Cool Planet Global Land Remote Sensing (UNH) Harvard Forest Hubbard Brook Ecosystem Study National Park Service, Northeast Temperate Network New York Botanical Garden Northeastern Ecosystem Research Cooperative Project Budbreak Project BudBurst Signs of the Seasons: A Maine Phenology Project USA National Phenology Network Vermont Monitoring Cooperative

Contact Ellen Denny ( for general info, website, phenology ground observation, citizen science Abe Miller-Rushing ( for historical phenology records Andrew Richardson ( for the canopy phenology webcam network